​​​​​​​Snobachi​​ ​​HandCrafted Ice Cream

About  Us

"Thank you to all those who have helped me make this lifelong dream become reality, I couldn't have done it without you all." 
-Jay Andujar 


In March of 2016, the idea of Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream was born in Tampa, FL. After endless days of research and trying to come up with a new business concept, Jay Andujar- (Owner and Founder of Snobachi) along with his family came across two different concepts at the same time, Rolled Ice Cream and Dragons Breath after watching videos on youtube from Thailand. As the lightbulbs went off in our heads, we then looked for the nearest shops that offered either rolled ice cream and dragons breath only to find out that New York and California were the closest places to offer these products. We also couldn't find any place to serve both items in one shop at the time, so we figured we give it a shot to be the first to offer both products here in Florida. In order for us stand out from the rest, we had to put our spin on all these new trendy ideas. By adding more modern flavors onto our menus and by using only the best quality ingredients we could find to include fresh fruits from our local farmers market. We realize that this way of preparing and eating rolled ice cream would be the future of how people consume Ice Cream here in America and we had to be apart of this movement. We want to be known as the best late night dessert/ice cream spot to go to in tampa and beyond. Snobachi first opened it's doors on December 31st, 2016 on New Years Eve in the beautiful Historic District of Ybor City in Tampa, Florida. 

Our Creative process is like no other in that we really cater to the idea of (Customizable Ice Cream Flavors), yes the idea of rolling up your ice cream is unique, funky and cool but what really separated us from the pack was the fact that we could customize each ice cream to our customers desires. Traditional ice cream shops have a list of certain flavors and they don't mix and match like what we can offer here at Snobachi. I remember a few years ago walking into an ice cream shop and wanting a oreo-cheesecake flavor ice cream, this ice cream shop told me that they don't have that certain flavor but offered 2 scoops, one being oreo flavor and the second being strawberry cheesecake instead. I didn't want the strawberries in there, i simply wished for an oreo cheesecake ice cream flavor which they couldn't provide me with. That's when i realized i wish there was a place where they can create the exact ice cream flavor of your choosing on the spot.  

(Quality Ingredients + Entertainment + Excellent Customer Service) = Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream 

Snobachi freezes the cream on a cold plate at negative temperatures with the ingredients you've chosen, fresh before your eyes! We then Roll it up into a cup which we like to call them "SnoRolls."  We also crush/chop our toppings inside the cream to give it that enhanced flavor and put some on top as well. Listening to each and every one of our guest is key and we try our hardest to make them satisfied. For example, we had a customer asks us if we could make an avocado flavored ice cream, we then served it for a limited time only. (That is what Snobachi is all about and what truly makes us special!)

Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream is founded by a proud military family who all have served in the Army and the Air Force.

   Our team is constantly growing and changing, but the goal of Snobachi will remain intact for generations to come

Original Snobachi Squad:  







Luis "El Bori" Rivera (R.I.P.) -- Try our Bori Signature SnoRoll dedicated in his memory.