Maryanne dlS.
Staff/service is amazing. Serving is generous, a bit pricey compared to the regular ice creams but for what you get, it’s actually reasonable. It gets really busy on weekends, late afternoon. The earlier you get here, the better and no waiting time. Overall, it’s a must-try! Will definitely come back!

Renell B.
I just moved to tampa and found this small hidden gem i had the "berry bun" it was delicious. And the staff was so polite an patient. I'm definitely going back an bringing my family!

Isis V.
This place is awesome. Love how you can watch them make ice cream.

Matt A.
So good ! Not a type of ice cream you would want to take home you have to eat it there for the full experience All I can say is YUMMMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!! Worth the money! (Not a penny more though so I hope prices stay where they are) So good!!!! Great date spot! Xoxoxoxo Ybor! I highly am partial with the one I got which was the banana one but I added Nutella!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ it has real fruit too!!!! When the Lady saw the dogs she hooked them up with some puppy whip cream!!!! They we highly thankful!! Friendly staff!!

The Perfect Family Place to Relax!

Justine E.
So so yummy!! Found the place on Instagram by chance and it was such a lucky find!!! Highly recommended not just for the treat but for the friendly service!

Ashley R.
The atmosphere is very inviting and futuristic. The staff are ways welcoming and knowledgeable about the product. Great interaction from start of your order to the end.

​​​​​​​​Snobachi​​ ​​HandCrafted Ice Cream

Sean H.
First thought I was thinking this will be one of those novelty ice cream places you go to because of the cool concept but the ice cream actually taste great

Jordan P.
Great food and a lovely staff!! We felt super welcomed


Bhavin S.
Best ice cream place I have ever been.

Rick R.
The latest trend to happen with ice cream, and I love it!!!! Being able to pick out your flavors and toppings, watch them pour and break up inti little pieces and watch it rolled into a bowl and add exyra toppings. So many different ways to order and have them make your custom ice cream flavors. Not big on the nitrogen dipped anything, but the kids surely like being able to blow smoke oit of their nose like dragons. Coming to Snobachi is not just about eating ice cream, it is an experience that not only kids like, but me as an adult was fascinated with the concept and that Ybor welcomed the idea into the area.