​​​​​What is a SnoRoll?  
     A SnoRoll is ice cream freshly frozen on the spot. We start with our milk base that can be customized with a hint of your flavor of choice.  Our rollers mix everything selected on the cold plate starting from a liquid milk base and the selected flavor(s). Once all the milk base, flavor, sauce, and toppings are chopped up, the ice cream is flattened until firm. Your sauce of choice is drizzled inside, outside, or both. The flattened ice cream is crafted into several rolls. More topping(s) are added on top of the SnoRolls with more sauce(s) drizzled on top to create a delicious, photogenic masterpiece.

We have two Rolled Ice Cream creating options:

1.) Customizable SnoRolls
-Freshly Frozen, Made-To-Order SnoRolls.
Hibachi Inspired, Made-To-Order SnoRolls (Rolled Ice Cream). You get to pick the Milk Base, Sauce(s), Flavor(s), and Topping(s) to create your very own SnoRoll! Pick a milk base for your ice cream, like vanilla, chocolate, vanilla frozen yogurt, vanilla low-fat & sugar-free, or VEGAN., then choose your flavor syrup, sauce drizzle, and toppings. either from our ready-to-order Signature SnoRoll menu or invent your own unique Customized SnoRoll combo. We’ll create your custom-made SnoRoll right before your eyes on a cold plate!​

2.) Signature SnoRolls
-Ready-To-Order Handcrafted SnoRoll Combinations.

Pick a SnoRoll (Rolled Ice Cream) combination that have everything pre-selected. Our Signature SnoRolls have the milk base, flavor syrup, sauce drizzle (s), and toppings already chosen for your convenience. We’ll create your Signature SnoRolls right before your eyes on a cold plate!​

Refer to our Menu for ALL OF YOUR options! 

We also have all of our Gluten Free and Vegan Options listed on our menu!!



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